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Organic Juices, Bone Broth & Fermented Foods

At the The Arc Ozone Treatment Center we provide daily organic ArcLight Smoothies, fermented food, organic vegetable cold pressed juice, and organic bone broth.

The morning smoothie, which we will add raw, grass fed (wild) Bison liver to for those that wish to have that included, has a blend of our Medical Director’s antioxidants and other nutrients to feed the mitochondria (energy producing organelle of every cell) which enhances detoxification, energy, and healing.

The afternoon organic juice and 4 ounces of fermented veggies is providing to nutritionally support the body for healing and detox and also focuses the microbial health of the gut.

Bone broth and 4 ounces of fermented food is provided in the evening. Bone broth is provided for its historical proven support in healing and providing a robust amount of minerals that our bodies require. Minerals that are no longer found even in organic foods today (nutrient depletion from atmospheric and other pollutants) in anywhere near the amounts we need, which are also known not to be a luxury, but required for healing.

Throughout the day an ample supply of probiotics, ancient minerals from shilajit resin, sea and land minerals, and organic supplements are provided to enhance healing and detoxification.


“Organic Juices, Bone Broth & Fermented Foods
is just one of the potent healing therapies – aligned with nature and supported by science – you will find at The Ozone Treatment Center.”


The health benefits of Organic Juices, Bone Broth & Fermented Foods are exponentially enhanced and magnified when combined with further potent, cutting-edge, advanced therapies in a 3, 7 or 10 day healing protocol custom-designed around addressing your specific symptoms and achieving your unique health goals.


We invite you to The Ozone Treatment Center to:
* Scientifically determine the exact root cause of your symptoms or diagnosis
* Receive a personalised 3, 7 or 10-day healing protocol of highly specialised, cutting-edge therapies
* Enjoy your treatments in a supportive, tranquil sanctuary in the capable hands of our highly specialised team of holistic health practitioners


For a friendly, no-obligation analysis of your symptoms and a recommendation for the best treatment protocol to reach your health goals, please contact us below.


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